The Popularity of Cat Poop

Feline Nutrition posted a video on our YouTube Channel. “The Poop Question” got more than 2300 views in two weeks. That’s ten times more than any other Feline Nutrition video at the same time. It’s now nearly 200,000. Cat poop is popular.

We launched our channel as a way to reach people who are considering making a switch to a raw cat food diet. Videos make information more accessible. We want to get our message to as many pet parents as possible. There are many things that are easier to show than to try to explain in words.

I’ve been looking to understand why this particular video, released in the dog days of summer, made such an impression. I think I know why. Yes, some of it may be the quirkiness of the title. A video about cat poop? Are you serious? But, I think most of the interest comes from people who already feed raw food for cats seeing their experiences played out on the screen. The dramatic change in the litter box is one of the things that really makes an impression when you start feeding your cat raw food. To suddenly have no-odor feces appear in the box is astonishing. I know people who say they would have switched their cats to raw food for this change alone. People just accept without question that cat poop smells. Of course, it smells, right? Once again, you end up questioning everything you thought you knew. Stinky cat poop is one of the hidden, not talked about issues of feline ownership.

It’s also an issue advocates try to impress upon their friends who feed their obligate carnivores dry food. Yes, those of us feeding raw cat food become a bit evangelical about all the benefits we see. We can’t help it. We’ve discovered something amazing and want the world to know. But this particular benefit isn’t the easiest to work into a conversation. “Hi, can I talk to you about cat poop?” isn’t exactly a great opening line. Try it at your next cocktail party and you’ll see what I mean. I think this video gave a lot of people who feed raw food for cats the opportunity to say, “Yes! This is what I’ve been trying to tell you!”

videoThis video is popular because it has a bit of shock value as well. Oh no, she’s picking it up! For the owner of a feline fed dry, plant-based kibble, this would be disgusting. But, poop from a kitty eating a bio-appropriate diet isn’t like that at all. That it crumbles to dust is the real shock to those who don’t know about the impact of a balanced, meat-based diet.

I hope this video is the clincher for those of you contemplating switching to raw cat food. As I say in the video, there are great benefits from a balanced, meat-based diet, plus a few effects that are beneficial to you. And your nose.

Help spread the word about feeding a natural diet to cats. Share and tweet this video. Embed it on your blog or website. Email the link. Be sure to subscribe to our channel and give us a thumbs up. Let me know if this video helped changed someone’s mind about what they feed their kitties.

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